Greeting's post

Hi! This is my first post here. Let me introduce myself in it. I live in Lithuania, currently im 18 years old, in my life i've had 1 car. 1988 BMW E30 318i. I still have it, it's my daily driver, but that doesent stop me from doing stuff i like to it. Heres a photo at the day i got it.

Greeting's post

Currently im a collage student, i study auto mechanics. Yep, i've chosen to go that way after i got my first car. And since it's an old car everything is plain simple in it, and i can fix everything myself. Since them i have been doing that, for example last summer was spent welding up all the rust holes i could find on my car, so it would not rot during the winter driving. The next post will be writen about when i got the car. Will dig thro my storage and find all the pictures of it. So, until then ;)


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